DNA Teleportation and Nuwati

My Elder, Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha, often describes how she, in her life, had to explore science simply to come to understand the possibilities that existed for her and her own Elders. In her quest, she explored brain science and quantum physics to come to an understanding of the demonstration in a laboratory what was clear as day for her in her every day life.

Recent news from the cutting edge of science serves to further demonstrate powerful principles of the power of information and energetic fields.

Nobel Prize winning scientist, Luc Montagnier, has caused recent controversy by trying to get a paper published which demonstrates the power of the informational and electromagnetic field, in manifesting DNA out of simple energetic and informational patterns. In his experiment, Dr Montagnier placed two test tubes side by side, one containing DNA to be replicated, and another containing just pure water. These tubes were shielded from outside electromagnetic influences and a current was run through them. Finally, a process called PCR, or polymerase chain reaction was performed, a process which copies and amplifies DNA. The surprise (to most scientists) was when the test tube containing supposedly only water produced real, live molecules of DNA, just like in the tube that contained the physical DNA.

It was as though the real DNA in the adjacent test tube had transmitted its electromagnetic signature to the water so powerfully, that when the PCR was done to the ‘empty’ testtube, it too, produced DNA.

This is amazing for some scientists, and has been met with heavy skepticism and opposition by the scientific community at large. They are awaiting publication so they can analyze the results and the methods.

However, for those who already have eyes to see, this is yet another demonstration of what the Ancients already knew – that the field of information is deep and shapes everything around us on a microscopic level. We can influence this informational field through the use of our own field of intention, which manifests through thought, speech and action.

Atsi la dihye’g i Awahl Unli’ta

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Warping the Field

Scientists are proving what the Ancients have always known. Not that those to whom Life really matters need proof.

I include in here high performing sports champions, healers, mystics, CEOs, and anyone who successfully strives toward a goal in Life. All these people know that our focus and our state of mind completely matters in the outcome of any endeavour. They do not see the world as independent from them. In a sense, whether they can articulate it or not, many of these people understand that the world is deeply and intimately connected to them, it is in them, a reflection of them, a mirror of their mind. These people who strive successfully toward a goal know that being of Clear Mind and Focus not only helps make better decisions, but it makes things go right.

Scientists today are proving that focussed intent can achieve miraculous non-local effects that are not explainable by conventional mechanistic models of life and causation. The idea that the world consists of squillions of little physical “bits” randomly wacking up against each other does not explain many things, but it explains even less once we begin to take into account the effects of intention.

Through focussed intention, we understand that in the world, action can happen non-locally. An example of this is described by Professor William Tiller, in a series of academic articles published in peer reviewed journals where he creates an intent imprinted device through group meditation and focussed prayer. Once imprinted, this device was able to increase the rate of growth of fruit flies by more than 50% over the controls. This is an astonishing and ground-breaking finding. The devices, which were little more than a microchip wrapped in aluminium foil, were able to exert their effects on living, growing beings.

Dr Dean Radin, a senior scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, has also proven that human consciousness can remotely affect probability waves by affecting radioactive random number generators. Dr Radin showed that during times of polarization and alignment of mass consciousness, such as 9-11, a field of intent was created that was powerful enough to skew these radioactive random number generators to produce results which were non-random.

These findings support and provide the basis for earlier studies of Transcendental Meditation which showed that consciousness through group meditation has a direct effect on crime rates in urban neighborhoods. It provides a way for people to understand that in our Sundance, thousands of healing requests are recieved each year, and that all of these requests come to completion.

Professor Tiller has shown that ritual is the ultimate act of intention. Through ritual we manifest through Spirit, Mind, Life-Force and all the way down into the physical. In terms of rituals, the Sun Ceremony is one of the most powerful one could possibly undertake. As a Dancer, we nourish and cultivate a field of healing intent every moment of every day of our lives. We sacrifice, we give up, we consecrate, we pour our Being into Becoming a FIeld of Blessing. Through this, we create a strong field that alters the probabilities of everyone we encounter.

Atsi la dihye’g i Awahl Unli’ta

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Surfing a Sea of Bliss

I was sitting at the Pier last night with an old friend. Looking out, I saw the expansive view of the waterline, unobstructed by buildings or things or people. The water is always relaxing to me, quiet and peaceful, it was one of those moments. And as it sometimes does in those moments of peace, I was able to touch another, deeper part of my being.

It was as though I became part of the fabric of a deeper energetic fabric. I was larger than I remembered my body to be, or rather, my physical body had lost focus, and was somewhere else and I was not fully aware of it. I was stretched out wide, suspended above the dock, the pier, the water, I was one with the air above and the water below. The feeling was of massive currents of Bliss running through me, around me – they were me. For that moment, there was such an energetic fullness that defied definition. Outside of Time and outside of Space, these concepts were irrelevant. It was a feeling of deep Peace and Freedom, and running my mind back on it makes me want to suck in my breath and enter that breathless state again. It is funny how in those moments of Peace it comes and takes you and you get a glimpse once again of your true Being.

Realizing myself, I became once again aware of my physical body. In times of ceremony, such as the Sundance, or during work such as Remote Viewing, we exist in these states. My teacher, Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha, calls this the Ethereal Body and it reminds me of the Buddhist teachings of Sambhoyakaya – a Body of Bliss that exists beyond time, space and duality.

It blows my mind to understand how the Ancient and Enlightened Ones must exist permanently in this awesome state of expanded Being. They reach out to help us understand that we, too, already swim in an Abundant Sea of Bliss but must purify, practice and permanently life our Mind and Vibration to know and understand this.

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Patterns and Teachers

Recently I have quite seriously had to consider what life would be like, if I had no limitations.

What would I be doing? How would I be spending my time?

I guess ultimately it all comes down to purpose. Sometimes we do not see or do not accept our purpose because we are not really looking to living in truth and liberation. Sometimes we are trapped in Karmic patterns that we simply cannot see outside of. We are intimately locked into a reality of craving and desire, and we will not be freed until this is fulfilled. Even if the doorway to Heaven opened, we might not have the ability to see and walk through it. How do we even know?

We often have a vague sensation of where we want to go, but many things often stand in the way of getting there. It’s like you’re caught in a groove in time that just looks the same. And it plays over… and over… and over again.

How do we get out of these intractable patterns?

The first step is to actually see the pattern. In this way, it’s essential to have a teacher, such as my Elder, Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha, who has the compassion and strength to tell you point blank to your face, when you are in such a pattern. Often you need to be shocked, zapped, so that you don’t interpret an interaction just on your own terms, to manipulate it to play your own often twisted game of the ego.

In those brief moments of lucidity, I am so grateful to be close to One who has the Truth, whose mind is unshakeable, even when this world of illusion assaults it with all its guile.

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What Matters?

Does anything matter?

We live in a world that makes it very easy for nothing to seem to matter.

The society and reality many of us have created is devoid of possibility, hope or change. Many people live in a state of apathy.

As Sundancers, we fight on a daily basis against this apathy. We fight to rise above that toxic state that so many of our close friends and family fall into. Our Teachers, the Enlightened Ones since time immemorial, such as Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha, fight on a daily basis to keep us awake, to stop us from slipping back into that slumber, where we forget ourselves, we forget who we are, we forget what is of value, of worth, of purity, of truth. We fight daily, through not only doing our practices, but remembering deeply why we do them.

I was reminded recently of why I do my practices, of what it all means. Doing my practices means that a person who is as a dear Brother to me may find a miracle in a world where he has been taught there is none. Doing my practices means leukemia is an innocent 27 year old who has a life to live is not a terminal result. Doing my practices with the deepest meaning and intention means that I am finally able to step outside of my small world and remember who I really am, that powerful, omniscient Being who can stop the Sun and plug the hole in the Gulf of Mexico and relieve suffering for all those living, breathing, innocent Beings like myself. Doing my practices deeply is my successful challenge to a world that still so deeply believes that suffering is necessary.

Rather than slipping back into the River Lethe and drinking the waters of disempowering forgetfulness, I choose instead to commit all of my Being to fighting that Ignorance, fighting the Darkness, fighting the Shadow that covers the true Light of our Being.

We must fight my friends, brothers and sisters. For the Truth of our Being is greater than we could possibly imagine and that is all that matters.

Atsi la dihye’g i Awahl Unli’ta

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Dressing Well: The Medium is the Message

As I continue to learn how to work with the Energetic and Symbolic world that lies all around me through my studies with my Elder, Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha, I continue to understand that the world of energy permeates everything around us, it is in everything we do, everything we say and everything we think.

All is an expression to the vibratory world around us, and is either in harmony or disharmony, and everything has an effect. As one of the Western prophets of the Electronic Age stated: “The Medium is the Message”. Thus everything thing we do and say has an energetic and informational effect on the world around us – everything is coded with intent.

I got a lesson in this recently, which some people may already understand. I often enjoy dressing very casually. Yet the law of energy teaches us that there are always subtle effects. Recently sitting and talking to my Teacher, Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha, she explained to me that every action is a communication and has an effect. Even dressing casually in a situation creates an effect from the conscious or unconscious responses of those who observe me and react. She recounts stories of how in the business world, deals can be made or broken simply on the appearance of one of the participants. A person’s reaction to you is something that you may have to carry, energetically. So to the reaction to casual dress may have energetic consequences that will affect the probabilities that are available to us.

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Of Ancients

The other morning I got a glimpse and intuition of the larger dynamics that determine our life and world. I was reflecting on the Beings that my Teacher Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha calls “The Ancients” or “The Old Ones”.

We mostly find outselves living in a very limited perspective of our world, and we often do not even realize it. We operate on programs of the past, on habit, following patterns which are only defined by the physical world. All we know is what we see in front of us and what we expect. Our reasons for the world are often what we have learned and what is accepted by our culture.

But is this the truth behind the world? Are the small reasons why we think things happen really the only reality?

Sometimes when we are given the grace to experience and see a bigger world, it sometimes hits us that there are far deeper reasons why things happen than what we realize. We sometimes come to understand that anything is possible and that reality is so much more dream-like that we usually come to understand or know. When I get glimpses of this, I begin to question my reality. I begin to deeply inquire as to the real dynamics behind certain events and happenings in my life. What exactly is going on here?

Earlier this week I got a brief glimpse of the Ancients, and realized that there are much deeper and greater dynamics to the Universe than many of us know or see. There are huge and deep dimensions of knowing and being that in our usual conscious states we do not have access to. However there are beings which operate on these dynamics. An old teacher, Sri Yukteswar guru of Kriya Yogi Paramhansa Yogananda said that there are many dimensions than simply that of the material world. He said that the Astral world is hundreds of times larger than the material world, and the causal world of the soul even larger still. To understand the causal world, the biggest of them all, one would have to possess the powers of concentration to visualize the astral and material worlds in all their vastness.

I have come to understand to some extent that the Ancients and Old Ones are those Masters who have come to operate in dynamics much greater than simply the material level that we all have become familiar with and restricted to. The operate in worlds hundreds and thousands of times larger than this one and usually, we do not give ourselves the ability to see these beings on these dynamics.

Atsi la dihye’g i Awahl Unli’ta

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